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Our God is EL – Introductory lesson on the Names of God for children

Study on Names of God for Kids

Introductory Lesson –  What’s in a name?

To introduce the children to the idea that God has names which show His character and His acts to us.

 Story Time:

Names are important. Everyone has a name.
Ask how their parents picked out the names of the boys and girls in your class?

Discuss naming customs with boys and girls here:
a. Using a baby naming book
b. Using a family name for a new baby like a Grandparent’s name or other relative, dead or alive)

Discuss some cultural naming practices – go online and look up “baby naming customs.” (Key word search)
a, African Naming Day – a festive event about a week after a baby is born. An older person gives the baby its name, whispering it to the baby first so it will know its name then shouting it out to everyone who attends the ceremony.

b. Giving of secret names – These names remain a secret until the child reaches the age of puberty. It may be an event that the child is named for.

c. Names that reflect a child’s personality.

For example, the Bible character Jacob got his name because it means “liar.” Jacob tricked his brother Esau and stole his birthright. Later he tricked his father in law because his father in law was trying to trick him.
(Briefly review  the story of Jacob  stealing his brother’s birthright in Genesis 25:19-34 &  Genesis 27:1-40)

 We all have names and each of our names has a meaning. Do you know what your name means?

(Look up each child’s name and tell them what it means from a baby or some other kind of character naming book. This may be available in the public library if you don’t have a copy on hand. You may also look up their names online at:
or Key Words: baby names and meanings 

Tip:Be sure to look up their names ahead of time to save time and so you don’t lose their attention (I learned this the hard way LOL!).

Does the meaning of your name fit you?

Did you know that God has a lot of names too? Some of his names tell us about who He is. Other names for God tell us about what He does. For the next few weeks we are going to begin to learn about some of the names of God in the Bible. The first one is a Hebrew name and is very easy – EL.

 This name for God is used 250 times in the Hebrew translation of the Bible. It means “mighty, strong and prominent.”


Suggested children’s song:

 Our God is EL (To the tune of our God is so big)

 (Tip: Use the sign language letter “L” as God’s Name – Hold thumb and first finger in the shape of an L and move from left shoulder to the right hip to make the sign language sign for Lord)Children enjoy motion with their songs – the more the better. Make up other motions to fit the song.

Our God is EL
So strong and so mighty
There’s nothing our God cannot do
The mountains are His
The valleys are His
The stars are His handiwork too
Our God is EL
So strong and so mighty
There’s nothing our God cannot do
That’s True!

 Our God is EL
So strong and so mighty
There’s nothing our God cannot do
He made the trees
He made the seas
And He made you and me too!
Our God is EL
So strong and so mighty
There’s nothing our God cannot do
That’s True!

Memory verse:   “And God said to him, “I am God Almighty…” Genesis 35:11

 God told Jacob His name was EL when God changed Jacob’s name from “liar” to “Israel” – “He who struggles with God.” God who is strong and mighty can change a person’s name and their nature. He can change our hearts from  sinful to clean.

Name plates – Supplies needed – clay and alphabet cutters. Roll out clay and cut edges so it is a rectangle shape. Use alphabet cutters to make names for the plates. Or make letter freehand. I used Sculpey clay which needed to be baked at 275 degrees for 10 minutes. You could use air dry clay, play dough or home made clay.


Initial Characters – Give each child a sheet of paper. Using large paper stencils, draw their initial on the paper and color it. Add wiggle eyes, yarn hair, pompom nose and felt mouth or other features to create a character with their initials.





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