Ten lepers healed

In addition to miracles of provision (the coin in the Fish’s mouth, and God’s miracles of protection, God performs miracles of healing. There are 25 recorded accounts of healing miracles which include the deliverance from demon posession. So you have a lot of choices for this topic.

I chose the 10 lepers for my children’s church lesson this past week because I wanted to bring out the idea of giving thanks for our healing miracles.

Lesson purpose: To show how no illness is too hard for God to heal and that we should always be grateful for the things He does.

Lesson Scripture: Luke 17:11-19


We love to act out stories in our children’s church so I took a paste of flour and water and smeared some of it on several children’s forearms. When it dried, it appeared like a patch of “leprous” skin. These children had to stand on one side of the fellowship hall while the rest of the class stood with me.  I shared the Bible history of the disease of Leprosy and what it might have been like for a person diagnosed with leprosy.

In Jesus’s day, people with leprosy were made to live outside of the community, away from their families and weren’t even allowed to go into the church to worship because of the fear that they would spread the disease.

The Sunday School Lessons Site has some great chidl appropriate  material on leprosy. We duscussed what it might have felt like to be forbidden to worship with their families in the “church” and how it felt to be regarded as different or even “not good enough”.

Then we acted out the scriptural story of Jesus healing the 10 lepers  while only one came back to say thank you.

This is interesting because  it sheds some light on why the others may not have reeturned to say thank you –
1. They were anxious to be restored to their families
2. They were anxious to be restored to their church – they didn’t recognize Jesus as God – the heart of their worship – but rather as a means to an end.

The one who came back recognized Jesus as a God’s son – One who was worthy of respect and gratitude.

Craft: This site has a great free interactive craft/visual with complete instructions you can make to illustrate the story. Print out the character page (enlarge it if you want to use it as a visual) and put it together as illustrated. I used cereal boxes to cut strudy strips and stapled the characters to the strips.


As an extra lesson craft,  we made cheer leading pompoms  out of tissue paper and curling ribbon for packages.  I precut the tissue paper into 1×14 inch strips and gave each child enough to make a full pompom. We laid the strips out evenly and added pieces of red, green and gold curling ribbon. The colors stood for the blood of Jesus, growing in Christ and heaven, while the white represented purity – being made clean and whole.

Activities: We made up “Thankful cheers” and sang songs with our pompoms.

Songs that work well are:

I’ve got the Joy, Jouy, Joy, Joy down in my heart
Halelu, Halelu, Halelu Halelujah, Praise ye the Lord

2 Responses

  1. I can’t thank you enough for sharing the website where you got the materials to illustrate the story of the 10 lepers. This will be our story this coming Sunday. God bless you 🙂

  2. I teach 5 year olds and this was great for developing a unique visual for the kids.

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