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Ideas for a Palm Sunday Lesson

With things gearing up for Easter, there’s not as much time for a lesson so we used an abbreviated lesson plan this week.

I wanted to tell the story of Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem so I searched the web for something a little different for the kids this week. I found Hanna’s Parade, a story of a little donkey who was ill, but Jesus chose her to ride into Jerusalem and He healed her. I usually prefer real life stories to animal stories but this was something a little different for a change. Since I have a group of predominantly younger children at present, this animal story worked well.

 I also found a related page which included key points you can bring out of Hanna’s story. This has lots of scripture to back up the key concepts of the story such as healing, desiring to be used by God, etc.

If you didn’t want to go this route, you may simply dramatize the Bible account which is found in all four of the gospels.

Since it was Palm Sunday we planned a special candy making project for the children which I will share in a related post later this week – also shortening our classroom lesson time. But to have enough activities,planned for when church went overtime , I found a great coloring page at this site.

Another fun activity is to have the children make palm branches which are found at Bible Fun Zone. This can be used to dramatize the story as well as to wave during worship songs. I enlarged the pattern slightly and photocopied it on green construction paper  which the children cut out. To make the palm leaf sturdier, you could glue a green chenille stem down the vein of the leaf (an adult can use a hot glue gun for the best hold.)

If you have any ideas for activities, please feel free to share them!

Happy Teaching,



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