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Candy Making Time

Whether as a fundraiser, or just plain fun, why not try making some candy with your group?

It’s not too expensive after the first costs of materials. For example, our group  spent about $32 for 8 plastic candy  bottles in which we melted the chocolate pieces and the 8 pretzel molds. These are reuseable. We watched for sales to buy the candy wafers for about $2 per bag. A bag of candy wafers goes a long way – We used one bag of yellow, green, pink, purple and blue, then 3 white chocolate and 5 mmilk chocolate. Some of the items were donated so what the group earned went completely to the missions project.

After making the candy, we sold them at a women’s spring rally and to families in the church. The $128 we raised from the sale of the candy was donated to a local missions project – clocks for a community center in a run down part of a nearby city.

The children made the candy, sold it, donated it and then received a visit from  one of the ministers involved in the project. It was truly a missions experience from start to finish.

Candy wafers are melted in small 4 oz plastic squeeze bottles. We used a crock pot with a small amount of water to slowly heat the chocolate to the melting point. The chocolate wafers come in many colors so the older children got creative as they filled the molds. What a great idea! This keeps the process from being messy. It also makes it easier for little hands to fill the candy molds.

After the molds are filled about halfway, the pretzels are added, then more chocolate is added. A little candy is drizzled over the pretzel. Then the molds are tapped gently to get out any air bubbles and placed in the fridge for a few moments until hardened sufficiently to pop out.

We wrapped each pretzel rod individually in a small piece of plastic wrap, added a bow and tag explaining our project.

We had so much fun last year, we made candy for the children themselves this yea., This time our only cost was the chocolate wafers.


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  1. Candy making is so much fun. I had a ball making these homemade caramel apples by Martha Stewart.
    They would be great as a fundraiser too.

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