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“Gotta Have It” Tool for Children’s ministry – I Love My Xyron!

My dear husband knows I’m a gadget junkie – especially when it comes to tools for my card making addiction. I have a craft area full of wonderful do-dads and  thing-a-ma-jigs.

But the truth is – I really do use my paper crafting tools, especially for teaching children’s church.So over the next few weeks. I’ll be sharing some of my favorite tools  for paper crafting in children’s church.  While I’m not suggesting you run right out and buy them, you may find a few that will make an indispensible addition to your arsenal of teaching tools. 

One of my very favorite tools is my Xyron machine. It is simply a sticker making machine.  I can print out any image from my computer, a die cut image, magazine picture or any kind of photo and run it through the machine and voila! I have a perfect sticker.

How it works:
The cartridge has two rolls of material – the top one is a clear plastic film and the bottom is a waxy type paper which has a glue substance on it. The image of your choice slides between two rollers and gets sandwiched between the film and waxy glue-paper. When it comes out the other side, you cut it away from the machine and peel off the plastic film which also removes the excess glue from the waxy paper. You’re left with an image that is stuck to the waxy paper. When you’re ready to use the image as a sticker, just peel off the waxy back leaving a layer of glue on the back surface of your image.

The glue comes in permanent and repositionable types as well laminate and magnetic materials. The Xyron machine comes in several sizes which make stickers  from 1 1/2″ to  whole scrapbook page sizes of 12 “. I have a 5″ machine and a small 1 1/2” X-shaped model, both of which I use often for ministry, depending on the paper projects I’m doing or the type of stickers I need.

Attendance Chart stickers, reward stickers, etc – I never have to worry about finding the right pre-made stickers for my projects. I can print the them in any size I want  from my computer clip art program and create custom stickers for all lessons, seasons, etc. When I make the small stickers, I usually use my little Xyron.

Gluing small pieces – When projects call for small pieces to be glued  in place, I like to use the Xyron  rather than  glue with my children’s church kids simply because there’s no mess! It also works great when you don’t have time for glue to dry before they take their projects home.

The stickers themselves make a great  craft  project – the kids can color their own or even make scratch-n-sniff stickers

Refill cartridges have 18 to 20 feet of material and can be a little pricey, but I usually wait to buy refills when I have a 40 or 50% off coupon at my local craft store, making it economical to use.


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