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The Armor of God

The Armor of God is a fun lesson series which generates lots of ideas!

Consider some of these:


The Sword Drill with a twist: Using a jousting tournament theme for the lesson about the sword which is the Word of God, Ipaired the children up, an older child with a younger child. Since the younger ones weren’t all able to read, I wanted them to still be able to participate. Using masking tape, I made 10 lines on the floor about a foot apart. The older children were lined up at the 10 foot line while the younger ones were lined up on the first line, opposite their partner.

After the bible references were read, the younger children shouted “Charge,” which signalled their partners to look up the reference. The older child who found the verse first, read it aloud and then he and his partner each advanced the the next line, closing the distance between them. The pair that met in the middle first was the winner. 

Indoor “snowball” fight: For the lesson on the shield, we made chipboard shields and played a game similar to dodgeball. One team lined up against the wall while the other team launched wadded paper “balls” at them. the team being attacked, used their shields to fend off the paper wads, but if a person was hit by a wad, he was “out.” Then we switched sides so the other team had a chance to dodge the paperwad snowballs.


Helmet of Salvation: We used heavy duty paper plates. Make a straight  cut from the outer edge of the plate into the center. Then overlap the edge an inch or two  until you have a hat shape. Staple the overlapping edges for added strength.cover the hat with foil and add a face protector with brads.  Cut the face protectors out of card stock, chipboard (opened and flatened cereal boxes) or other sturdy material You may add feathers if desired to look like plumes on the helmet.

Shield of Faith:  Cut out a shield shape from chipboard (cereal boxes  which have been carefully
opened up work well!). Glue ric-rac onto the chipboard. This will make a raised design under the foil
in a later step. The children can get creative with their ric-rac, putting it around the edges or making cross designs, etc.

Using a glue stick, put some glue on the chipboard to hold the foil in place then cover the chipboard and ric-rac with foil. Using their fingers, the children should smooth the foil on the shield, especially rubbing the areas where it covers the ric-rac – this makes a raised (embossed) design in the foil.

They can decorate the front of their shields with foam shapes or any other embellishments you have on hand. Cut a strip for the back to use as a handle (I used plastic canvas so it was sturdier) and fasten it on using gold or silver brads.


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  1. What a wonderful way to teach how to used and put on the whole armor of God Bonnie and I bet they had fun too! Awesomeness. You are such a warm, kind and strong woman of God. 8 )

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