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A devotional for a tea party!

Over the weekend I was invited to speak to a group of wiggly, giggly girls, ages 6 to 14 at a sleepover! Yep! There were 80 girls and leaders there from several churches having the time of their lives with “high tea, ” minute-to-win-it games, a craft, movies and just plain fun.

Our devotional time didn’t get started until:00 PM – so I was concerned that they may be running on adrenalin, but they were so well behaved!

Here are the devotional thoughts i shared with them:

Having Tea with Jesus (Pictures will be posted shortly)
Purpose: Giving a picture of our relationship with Jesus through various tea cup and mug illustrations.
Introduction – share an invitation to have tea with Jesus. (He asked me to bring my own mug in the invitation so I went rooting through my bag to find the perfect mug to take along) 

1. A miniature china tea set – Too small to drink out of, but a good reminder of two sisters in the Bible who had “tea” with Jesus. I told the story of Mary and Martha. The ornate miniature tea set reminds me that it is important to spend time with Jesus listening to what He says.

2. A miniature mug with my name on it (Any mug with your name on it will do.) This mug reminds me of 2 things – the first is that Jesus knows my name. That means He loves me and wants to spend time with me, He hears my prayers and knows everything about me. This makes a great relationship. but it also reminds me that I need to spend time talking to Him about other things than just what I want. Time with Jesus is not just about me or gimme, gimme praying. I can talk about how much I love Him, I can listen to Him and I can talk about the things we can do together as well as praying about things for other people.

3. A pretty tea cup that is dirty inside. This  tea cup looks pretty, but it isn’t useable. It reminds me that I was once filled with sin until Jesus came in and cleaned up my heart. Sometimes I still sin and need to ask for forgiveness for my attitudes and actions.

4. Another pretty china cup with a crack in it. – Talk about those who need Jesus – they are precious to Him, but often their hearts are “broken” because of the hurts or pain inflicted on them by another person.  (abuse, trafficking – our girls mission project was for a missionary who helped trafficking victims). I shared how this isn’t just about girls over seas, but many around us are hurting and broken hearted too. Jesus is the one who comes in and can fix the broken hearts.

5. A magic mug. I have 2 Kinkaid mugs which have dark shadows over each window and door. But when hot water is poured into the mug, the lights come on in the windows. I used this mug to illustrate what happens when Christ comes into our hearts – He fills us up with His love, comfort and His presence so we become clean, happy and new inside – our lives become warm and inviting to others as well so we can tell them about Jesus.

Then we had the altar call.

What a precious time as many girls raised their hands and prayed the salvation prayer with me! Feel free to use this devotional idea, substituting your own mugs  for a visual. The mugs kept the girls’ interest. and afterward they wanted to come up and see them – their favorite was the tiny mug with my name on it!


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  1. I like it very much. It uses my favorite things Jesus and tea

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