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Getting Ready for VBS part 4

Assessing your human resources

One of the common complaints of small churches is the lack of trained workers for all the programs of the church. Often the workers who are already faithful  can’t take on one more thing without burning out. Work schedules may also prohibit good workers from participating in extra activities. Yet everyone wants to have a VBS program.

No doubt you took these concerns into consideration as you  worked on your message, your  visual decoration theme and the teaching model which will work best  for your VBS program.

Let’s take a more in depth look at your church’s human resources this morning..

  • · How many volunteers do you have who may be interested in working with your VBS program?

The type of teaching format you chose for your VBS will help determine the number of qualified personnel needed. Determine how many teachers will you need. Then estimate the number of children you expect to attend the VBS event.  You will need enough helpers to adequately monitor the anticipated attendance.  number.  Better to have more helpers than you need than not to have enough.

  • Do all of the teaching staff or volunteers have the proper clearances?

In the last ten years most of the churches have begun to require applications with references as well as criminal and abuse clearances in order to work with children. It’s not a comfortable requirement for volunteers, but it will safeguard the children and protect your church from  potential legal problems. Be sure of your church or denominational policy in this area.

Age is an important factor as well. Because of liability issues, teenagers may not be useable as teaching staff, even though they are readily available and generally willing to help. Do use them if possible as support staff as long as they are not in positions to be alone or in authority over children.

  • What specific talents and abilities do your volunteers have?

Many people think they cannot be involved in a children’s ministry because they are uneasy about being teachers. However, each person has abilities and interests unique to themselves that could be tapped for VBS. For example, a crafty person could design craft kits for the children’s activity time, even though they may not want to teach during craft time. Someone who knows how to “spin a good yarn” might make the perfect narrator for a continuing story during the week. 

During one of our VBS events, we incorporated a mom and daughter team who were expert clowns. They often  performed at  nursing homes and were excited about using their skills for our VBS program. They acted as MCs for the opening and also provided prizes, including balloon animals for the children though they didn’t teach the lessons

Look for those who have sewing skills, craft skills, building skills (for props), those with cooking sills to provide snacks or a special end of program treat.  People with unusual hobbies can often add an exciting and unique dimension to your VBS theme.

  • Assess people’s resources as well and how those resources might be used to promote or enhance the VBS program.

Business owners who attend your church might be willing to donate supplies in return for some free advertising. Crafters might be willing to donate handmade prizes or other items for decorating. If you have local farmers in your midst, they might be willing to donate hay bales or even a live animal to display during the program depending on your visual theme.

One man we knew owned a lemonade stand which he took to local carnivals. He didn’t want to teach, but he was willing to park his stand in the church parking lot and dole out homemade lemonade and popcorn to the children each night during our circus themed event.  He would not have been involved otherwise.

Pray and think outside the box for creative ways to involve as many of your church people as possible in the VBS. It will generate church unity, enthusiasm and a sense of ownership in the program, making it a huge success!

Step 4: Maximize your human resources for success!


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