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Let’s get ready for VBS part 6

Develop a plan to reach your VBS goals

Zig Ziglar said, “If you aim at nothing, you’ll hit it every time.”

That is so true. You’ve begun making all kinds of great plans for your VBS so now it’s time to create a time frame to pull it all together.

4-5 months in advance:

  • Bathe the VBS in prayer.

It’s never too early to begin praying for your VBS. Solicit prayer warriors to pray each day for the promotion, for the souls of the boys and girls attending, for the staff. As you plan the program, bring additional needs to these pray-ers like financial needs, etc.

  • Start by getting your staff in place.

Once you have your key volunteers in place, you can delegate the remaining jobs. For example – those who will be leading and helping with craft activities will be in charge of choosing age appropriate crafts, gathering craft materials and putting kits together for the children by a certain date. The same with games and snacks.

Those who will be helping to teach the lessons, can help design and gather lesson materials, etc..

  • Set a budget

This is your financial framework. Be sure to include money for all aspects of the program including lesson and craft materials, snacks, games and  publicity.If you need to do some fundraising, that should be decided now to give ample time to carry it out so the money is available when o need it.

3-4 months in advance:

  • Give each group the results of the brainstorming session and give them a month or two to research the ideas and come up with a  plan.

For example,  there may be twenty ideas for crafts on the brainstorming cards. The crafts group will narrow down the ideas by researching how well each one fits with the message you want to get across to the children, how easy they are to do, the cost and the age appropriateness. Ideas that don’t fit will be put aside.

The group then needs to  put together a complete list of supplies they will need to complete the crafts which are chosen.. This should be done in January and February so they have time to order supplies later.

The group in charge of teaching will go over any ideas from the brainstorming cards and begin to choose  stories which fit the message Then they will gather items for object lessons or props for storytelling, etc. We will discuss more about writing curriculum in  a new series beginning soon.

  • Decide on a strategy for promotion

How will you get the word out about your VBS? Post cards to those who have come in previous years, a sign in the front yard, news ads and stories, a float in the Memorial Day parade? Get creative within your budget.

2-3 months:

  • Begin gathering supplies and decorations:

Depending on your budget, you will need to begin purchasing supplies for crafts, games, etc.  If you cannot purchase supplies, compile a detailed list and  ask for donations. Be sure to have a back up plan in case you don’t get everything you need in the form of donations.

Organize your supplies as you receive them so you have a clear idea of what is still needed.

  • Complete lesson plans

Assemble any props that go with the lesson and begin to practice  the lesson delivery. For example, if the lesson involves object lessons, science experiments or magic tricks, it is best to be prepared so you can deliver the lesson  without malfunctions.

If you’re using drama or puppets, begin practicing with those as well. Learn the songs you plan to use and begin promoting them in other children’s programs.The children will enjoy the VBS more and be able to help teach the songs to the visitors during the VBS if they already know the music.

  • Begin your publicity

Don’t wait until the last minute to promote. The earlier you start and the more thorough of a job you do, the better the attendance will be.

The last month before the event:

Be sure you have all your supplies for props, lessons and crafts – and be sure they are organized and accessible.. Begin to gather supplies for snacks (the ones which don’t spoil or get stale).

You can begin to put up a few decorations as a teaser, though the bulk of them should not be on display until the Sunday before the event to create additional excitement for the program.

Continue with promotions like postcards for the children to invite guests or the newspaper ads.

Be sure the staff is prepared  and ready to go. No one likes last minute surprises!

Step 6 Develop a plan and stick with it!


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