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Reach Out and Touch A Child

Life is precious…fragile. We never know how long we will have to reach out and touch someone with the Gospel message.

Yesterday  the father of one of my Children’s Church students was killed suddenly in a car accident on his way to work.Because of a tenuous family situation, the seven-year-old was suddenly alone, losing not only her dad, but her also her home.

She will probably be relocated into foster care and short of a miracle, we will not see her again in our children’s program.

My heart breaks for this little girl because children’s church had been a constant in her life. A caring neighbor brought her to church each week for the last several years and she accepted Jesus through the messages of God’s love she heard there.

Recently she stopped me after church to give me the project  she made that day. It was a plaque of praying hands cast in plaster, painted in rainbow colors. It didn’t matter that the hands were purple and black or that the background looked like it had been painted by some modern impressionist artist with no rhyme or reason. It was precious because of her smile as she told me about how much she loved Jesus and me.

Her words made me cry that day because I remembered another young child whose life changed dramatically because of the Gospel truth shared by a caring  Sunday School teacher. If that teacher hadn’t shared Christ;s love with me so long ago, I  wouldn’t  be the woman I am today. Her words brought life, comfort and healing to my hurting little girl soul during a time of tremendous emotional upheaval. And they made an eternal difference.

As the tears flowed yesterday for this little one, I have to place her in a loving Father’s hands, trusting He will hug her and keep her. I am grateful for the little slice of time during which my life touched hers. I pray  that God will hug her and keep her when I as her teacher cannot.

There have been many times when I felt like walking away from children’s church ministry. I wondered if the children really heard the message I shared week after week while they bounced off the walls with their ADHD energy or any other syndromes they might have been diagnosed with. I felt inadequate and ill prepared. But each time I felt that way, God reminded me of that one teacher’s influence on my life, sparking a renewed desire to love the kids and reach them for Him.

For those who are discouraged or contemplating giving up children’s ministry for whatever reason, I urge you today to reconsider if you can. We never know what an eternal influence we can have on a life, even though we only touch it for a moment of time. Our children are so precious and few are the workers willing to give up their time or energy to  touch their  little lives.

May your heart be blessed by the words of one of your students someday saying, “Thank you for giving your time and energy to teach me. Because you shared God’s truth with me, my life was forever changed.”


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