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Ants on parade (A women’s picnic devotional idea)

Having a women’s picnic this summer and need a devotional? I’ve got just the thing!

I used this devotional for our Christian Women’s Prayer Connection summer picnic this week to show just a few lessons ants can teach us about praying.


Proverbs 6:6 “Look to the ant…consider her ways and be wise.” (This and all scriptures used  are from the 21st Century KJV found on Bible Gateway)

Lesson points:

1. Ants ate attracted to sweets.
I made and handed out these sweet little picnic baskets with a template purchased from Paper Wishes and filled it with sweet treats for each lady attending.

Scripture:Psalm 34:8 O taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the man that trusteth in Him!

This teaches us to make prayer a sweet time of fellowship between ourselves and the Lord so that we are attracted to our time of prayer. When prayer is a chore or duty, it can leave a sour taste in our mouths and we are reluctant to pray as we should. but when fellowship with our Lord is sweet, we relish our time with him. If we always include praise and bonding time with Jesus in our prayer time, it becomes richer and more inviting.

2. Ants can lift up to 20 times their body weight.
Scripture:Bear ye one another’s burdens and so fulfill the law of Christ. Gal 6:2

Wow just imagine if we apply that one to prayer! We pray so passionately for ourselves when we have a need. Yet our prayers for others consist of  “Bless  them, Lord. Amen.”  We have the ability and spiritual strength to pray just as passionately for others as we help them bear their burdens.

3. Ant’s legs are made for speed.

Scripture: James 1:19  Therefore, my beloved brethren, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath…   

After Hurricane Katrina, I remember hearing some people say that Katrina was God’s judgement on New Orleans. These folks were quick to criticise those who were suffering, but yet, none of them were praying faithfully for the hurricane victims – a fact that irritated me to no end. As prayer warriors, we have a need for speed – to hurry to prayer for those who are suffering and to be slow to criticize them. 

4. Consider the Driver or Soldier Ants.
These varieties of ants are  single-minded and united in purpose.  When they move from one place to another, they move together and nothing can stand in their way. They literally destroy everything in their path.

Prayer is such a forceful weapon of spiritual warfare that when we gather together with a single-minded purpose to pray, we can literally disrupt and destroy the works of the Enemy! Look what happened on the Day of Pentecost in Acts Chapter 2!

Close your devotional time  with prayer, taking time to bear each other’s burdens and to pray for a harvest of souls.

Other things you can do to  make it a memorable devotional time:
Decorate the tables with red and white checked cloth. Add plastic ants as decorations. Serve “ants on logs” (raisins on top of peanut butter or cream cheese stuffed celery). Photocopy small ant clip art and attach to tooth picks for  your veggie or meat trays.


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