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Ushers flanked the expensive looking mountain bike in the lobby of the mega-church children’s wing. As each child entered, they passed out fliers detailing the rules for winning the bike.

“Bring the most visitors and this cool bike could be yours.” The usher enthusiastically shook hands with my young children.

As my kids looked up at me hopefully as I relplied to the usher. “I’m sorry – we’re just visiting. We live four hours from here.”

After church, my children approached us again. “How come we can’t give away neat things like that bike?”

My heart ached as I tried to answer them. “Our church is too small and can’t afford to give away such expensive gifts.”

We’re not the only ones in this situation. Sure there are many mega-churches across the nation like the one we visited, but the truth is that there are a large number of small churches which operate on shoestring budgets and run their children’s ministries with skeleton crews. They simply can’t compete with the resources of the mega-church.

My pastor husband and I have been working in small church settings for all of our 35 years in ministry, so we are well aware of the needs and resources of these churches. Through the years, we began creating our own curriculum, first for special outreaches like kid’s crusades and VBS. I’ve tailored church dramas for our little group of aspiring actors and more recently, I’ve been developing curriculum for the children’s church ministry in our churches.

I’d love to share my ideas as a free resource  for you and hope to post a new lesson each week that you can use or adapt for your church setting.  Many lessons contain links to other sites around the web as well so you will be able to find and use many of the great resources out there to tailor the lessons to your particular church.

If you try the lesson, please feel free to add your own ideas or any changes you made to the comments section below the lesson.  That way others can benefit and together we can make the lessons a strong resource for other churches to use as well.

Happy Teaching!



2 Responses

  1. Love your page. It has so many helpful ideas & messages. Thanks for all you do. God Bless

    • Thanks Brandy. I don’t teach children’s church right now, so I don’t post here as much. I really miss the little ones, but I have lots of grandchildren so I may just have more ideas to post here in the future! Thanks for visiting this site.

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